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With the constant innovation of varying revenue streams, the opportunity for fundraising power grows, but so does the complexity of the playing field. We tap into your full fundraising potential by using a combination of events, call time, digital fundraising, and more. LSG elevates your campaign's ability to build a solid infrastructure for growth by providing you with the financial resources you need to make it happen. 

Data Management and Analysis

Data matters, whether it is quantitative or qualitative. Knowing what to track, how to track it, and how to leverage that information to help target efforts effectively are crucial tools in a world of instant information. Our experts keep up to date in the world of Big Data, so that your organization can be ready to make smart decisions.

Video Production

The best way to understand a story is to see it unfold with your own eyes. We work with contractors to produce, direct, edit, and tell your story with beautiful graphics and calculated messaging. Whether it's an issues campaign, candidate commercial, television, or web LSG is equipped and ready to amplify your brand's visual effectiveness. 


Political candidates and committees have to comply with Federal and State ethics in order to operate within the law. LSG specializes in Federal and Texas ethics compliance and reporting and will help you navigate your requirements.

Communications & Public Relations

Protecting a brand or an idea involves detailed & focused messaging across all aspects of a campaign or business. We help you develop your brand and build the public platforms to share and market it in effective and lasting ways. From concept to execution, LSG has over a decade of experience in shaping stories and messages including strategic communications, speechwriting, crafting talking points, press relations, digital communications, and more.

Community and Grassroots OUtreach

Our communities are what makes us successful. Without them, campaigns lose and products fail. LSG's experts work with community leaders and members to design strategy and tactics. Whether is it community-building campaigns, focus groups, or voter mobilizations efforts, our firm will leverage our expertise to make your strategy successful.

Advertisement Planning and placement

All businesses, campaigns, organizations, or otherwise have to advertise to compete. LSG identifies marketing tools available to meet your specific needs and then we help sell your story by telling it to targeted audiences most likely to interact with your brand. We help you understand and measure your branding success and adapt where necessary.

Digital Media

Do you remember life without the internet, software, & smart technology? They make our lives simpler, but not without ever fluctuating challenges and trends- challenges that our firm stays steps ahead of. We anticipate what's hot now and what's next and then we shape your digital strategy around what our research finds. LSG strives to maximize your footprint across the internet gaining you name recognition and brand awareness. 

Strategic Planning

Planning has become more complex since the advent of rapidly changing markets. Information is spread instantly, and opinions change hourly. LSG works to increase flexibility within your organization, equipping you to deal with challenges as they arise. We  keep you steps ahead of the opposition and give your project the competitive edge. 


Successful ventures cannot ignore either internal or external politics, because politics is about building coalitions. At LSG, we work to leverage our relationships and knowledge of various political landscapes to make your work the most effective it can be.